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LOCATION: Draganesti Olt, Romania

MINISTRY: Serve alongside Hope Church.

FOCUS: Evangelism, Bible Distribution, Community Outreach

Embark on my Gap Year journey at the heart of Eastern Europe. Partner alongside Hope Church and reach this country with the Good News that Jesus brings. Will pass out eyeglasses or Bibles written in the local language, and share the love of Jesus to at-risk communities. Discover more of my identity in Christ as this nation breaks free from its Communist past and rediscovers the love of Jesus.


Meet ministry partner, Mariana Ileana and his family, at Hope Church!


Mariana is the president of Hope for Community Association and After-school Program. He has a vision to see, “A community transformed and able to solve problems affecting the standard of living using available resources.” He lives in Draganesti with his beautiful wife and three kids. Hope Church exists to impact people with the hope of Christ, basing their values on Scripture and preach the Word of God. Their strategy is to utilize people, projects, and partners to fulfill the goal of glorifying God, with the ministry of Christ as their model. They focus on five areas: discipleship, worship, evangelism, service, and fellowship.