About Me

Hiya! I'm Abigail Grace! I am 17 years old and a currently a senior in Highschool. My favorite subjects are history and art. I find the most joy in helping others and being a voice of encouragement. I accepted Christ at 5 years old, but rededicated my life to Him at 14. I'd say that asking Him to be the King of my heart was the biggest and GREATEST decision I have ever made. He has so sweetly instilled in me a love for worship. I have been blessed with serving on my churches worship team for a few years now.

At the beginning of junior year, the stress of picking a college and academic achievement made its way into my daily thoughts(and worries). I have done extensive research and asked so many questions about plenty of universities. I changed my mind each month(sometimes day) about where I would go and/or what I would major in. From a legal assistant, to a psychologist to a music teacher, my choices varied and never stayed for long. That's ok though! Everyone has, will and is even currently bouncing from one profession to another. How amazing it is to have opportunity and resource to pursue those varying professions. As continued I stressed over grades and future decisions, my focus was lost.

I had the amazing opportunity of attending a missions trip to El Paso Texas in 2016. I remember being in a bus station during an evangelism day and being completely overwhelmed by all the people in that station. So many stories, so many different perspectives and ways of living. The only thing I could comprehend was how I wanted to tell each one of them how sincerely I loved them and how perfectly Jesus does. Yep, pretty cheesy, I know:) BUT in that moment, I knew I couldn't keep His perfect love to myself. How could I?! His abundant grace is not to be kept hidden but shown through anything and everything we do. That night, I called my mom and said that the Lord was calling me into missions(yes, everyone who believes in Christ is called to missions. I specifically mean overseas). Didn't know how or when, but His voice was very clear.

Sadly, I let the voices of others distort His voice. BUT! This past year, I began to put my pride aside( I realized I couldn't get through my day without Him) and gave my future to Him. I don't know what I'm doing so why would I act like it! He knows what's best for me. As He worked, His true plan for me started to become evident in my life.

More to come ....